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Are you a bower bird? Guess whose fault is compulsive hoarding and clutter making?

Are you a bower bird?

If so this blog can be a sign from the Big Giant Head in the Third Rock from the Sun!
Oh thank God it is a British study rather than an Australian one!:-)

Guess who we can blame for being a bower bird? I mean having a compulsive urge to collect and clutter our homes and offices with junk; at least a partly scapegoat for this amazing habit!
Good guess! Yes our genes! Who else could it be?

Here's the link to the study report titled "Genes to blame for clutter compulsion"

Do you have this urge to keep your old clothes, magazines, junk mail, furniture pieces, school reports, A+ assignments, and many other things that you may be attached?

Do you ever remember a special feeling when you clear clutter in your life? How was that? Have you heard people creating F word disciplines mainly from Asia to deal with this phenomena?

I'd like to obtain your personal view on dealing with clutter in your life from multiple angles and any context you may like to choose. F…